When your perseverance, grit and determination can be seen, and people are aware that you intend to go the distance—there will always be pictures of your struggles and your triumphs.

These images represent the moments we learn from. They teach us how persevering has made our journey—whether personal or in business—worthwhile.

When we look back, it’s these images that are locked in our mind—that help get us ready to take on what comes next in life.


Shaking Hands along the road.
Some days took a very long time.
First Ontario and then Canada — Two journeys for one dad.

Skydome and opening night at Maple Leaf Gardens. A thrill for a youngster who was never on a baseball team or a hockey team.

Pushing Jesse up the hill into
Terrace Bay, Ontario.

Day 225 – The most difficult day on
the road in crossing Canada.

Stepping into British Columbia. I didn’t come to the tenth province to quit.
Why I did what I did. Stay with me, I need six minutes of your life.
Canada Day in Ottawa – The Governor General recognizing John and Jesse for their efforts.
Hockey Night in Canada – Toronto Maple Leaf legend Darryl Sittler commenting on the book, Jesse’s Journey – A Canadian Story.