The Right Road

Foreward by Bill Brady, member of the Order of Canada

The Right Road is an adventure story, a story of courage and determination, the story of a dream and how to make it come true. What makes a 52-year-old man so committed to a dream that he would decide to try to walk across Canada?

In The Right Road you will read how he took the first steps of this 8,300-kilometre journey exactly 50 years from the day he arrived in Canada when he was two years old.

You will be caught up in a story of valour and perseverance. You will feel like you are on the road with John as each morning he sets out to conquer another 33 kilometres of highway. You will meet his team and learn how his dream became theirs. Like John, you will experience the natural and man-made wonders of Canada from coast-to-coast, along with scorching sun, blizzards, penetrating rain and loneliness. But you will also meet many of the thousands of Canadians he met along the road. The Right Road is their story, too, sometimes heart-warming, sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes laugh-out-loud funny.


“John Davidson’s accomplishment will fill you with awe and The Right Road is a primer for anyone who has a dream but doesn’t know how to make it reality as he shares the precepts that guided him from beginning to end.
But most of all, it is the inspiring account of a father’s love.”

Bill Brady, London Ontario


“There is nothing about this memoir that isn’t wholly inspirational, and reading it is a little like embarking on a personal Jesse’s Journey, with all the blood, sweat, tears — not to mention amazing victories — along the way. A triumph.”

Scene Magazine – London, Ontario

The Right Road by John Davidson

The Right Road
by John Davidson with Sharon Brennan
Non-Fiction-Published and distributed by Binea Press.
239 pages with 16 pages of photographs.

I wrote The Right Road after completing my fund-raising walk across Canada in 1998 and into 1999.

That journey was recognized by The Guinness Book of World Records as the fastest crossing of Canada on foot.

The content for the book was drawn from the pages of my journal notes, which I wrote each night during the 286 days I was on the road.

Sometimes writing every night, without fail, is in itself an exercise in perseverance. I think that consistently writing your thoughts is one of the best methods of keeping track of your progress.
You don’t have to write down every last detail, but a good journal will supply you with enough information to recapture the raw emotion you were feeling at that moment in time. Writing your journal in ink keeps you away from ‘spell check’ and trying to be perfect.

The words you write in ink draw you further into your own story, and let’s be honest here, everyone has a story waiting to be told.

When will you be starting on yours?